Mindelo, March 22 (Inforpress) - The Minister of Culture announced today in Mindelo that the city will have a sambadrome and funding for carnival groups will increase.

Mindelo, March 20 (Inforpress) - The Cultural Center of Mindelo (CCM) reopens the doors on Tuesday, 21st, and the Ministry of Culture will mark the date with Micadinaia Fest, "new contemporary look and a new banner: culture as basic need" in this reopening.

Praia, March 13 (Inforpress) - The Cabo Verdean rapper Hélio Batalha celebrates his 10-year career with a live show at Praia City and the release of his first solo album titled "Carta d'Alforia", which he considers "a dynamic album".

Praia, March 21 (Inforpress) - The fifth edition of "Grito Rock Praia 2017" that takes place from March 29 to April 8 will honor the guitarist Henrique Teixeira and brings for the first time female voices for its stage, called "Grito Rock Mulher".

Praia, March 16 (Inforpress) - The Municipality of Sao Domingos (CMSD) will build an interpretive center to preserve the municipality's history and Cabo Verde and to signal the memory circuits in honor of those who have passed through it.

Porto Ingles, March 10  (Inforpress) - The City Hall of Maio met this week with the local Tabanka elderly with the aim of collecting contributions to boost a campaign to revitalize this genuine and centenary cultural manifestation of the island.

Praia, 21 Mar (Inforpress) - The Cabo Verdean artist Elida Almeida, born in Santa Cruz (Santiago), launches a new single titled "Djunta Kudjer" and will be presented this Thursday, 23rd, in Praia City.

Porto, March 15 (Inforpress) - The Mauritian musician and composer Tibau Tavares said to Inforpress today that his most recent album, titled "Tibau", in partnership with German band Pupkulies & Rebeca, will be on the market in April.

Praia, March 8 (Inforpress) - The Cabo Verdean singer based in Portugal Lejemea launches today on the International Women's Day a new single and video clip titled "Nkre um beijo", in which it honors women.