Mindelo, March 20 (Inforpress) - The Cultural Center of Mindelo (CCM) reopens the doors on Tuesday, 21st, and the Ministry of Culture will mark the date with Micadinaia Fest, "new contemporary look and a new banner: culture as basic need" in this reopening.

In a note the new direction, headed by Antonio Tavares, explains that Micadinaia Fest fits into the new CCM's programmatic vision, which proposes an approach / installation based on the three front doors of the center and thus tear the three existences, past, present and future, and to overcome the "great relationship" one wants with the world.

António Tavares explained to Inforpress that symbolically it is desired that this relationship be made from outside to CCM inside in order to mark a "new philosophy" of events organization in the center that, from that moment, will dedicate to the three areas of the performing arts, namely poetry, dance and theater, with a "new programming" in the local.

Antonio Tavares also explained that the choice of the name Micadinaia comes from the fact that the celebration in Sao Vicente of the World Theater Day is an old dream of Cabo Verdean poet and writer Joao Manuel Varela, also known by Joao Vario, who published among others, the book Micadinaia, name he affectionately designated Mindelo, his native city.