Joao Teves, March 16 (Inforpress) - The mayor of Sao Lourenco dos Orgaos said Wednesday that his municipality has potential and tourist offers, but it needs support to make them profitable.

Within the visit framework of the Prime Minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva, to his county, Carlos Vasconcelos took the opportunity to present to the head of the Government the local challenges in the agriculture, tourism, gastronomy and knowledge areas.

The mayor said that this county has tourist offers, since it has natural potentialities, such as waterfalls, Sao Jorge valley and the natural park of Pico de Antonia, but also has potential in agriculture.

"We are going to work to develop and boost all its valences and also in agriculture, we are a complete county in terms of agricultural products, but also in terms of research and training, we have water, we have dams, many commitments that together can give more guarantee for the development of Orgaos," he said.