Sao Filipe, March 20 (Inforpress) - The conference to celebrate the 27th anniversary of the Movement for Democracy's creation (MpD, ruling party), held today in Sao Filipe, is attended by the party's president Ulisses Correia e Silva who will preside over the opening.

The Sao Filipe conference is part of a series of conferences promoted by MpD to commemorate the 27th anniversary of its creation, celebrated on March 14, and has as its theme "MpD: 27 years of service to Cabo Verde".

The MpD went government for 10 years (1991-2001) and opposition for 15 years (2001-2016) and since last year won the elections and is leading the destinies of the country's governance until 2021.

During its course as a political party, in regard to Fogo island the MpD won in 2016 for the legislative and presidential elections, after five consecutive defeats, a historic victory dethroning the PAICV and the party-supported candidate who until tThen dominated the electoral scene on the island.

The same happened in terms of local election, which after six consecutive defeats in Sao Filipe and two defeats in Santa Catarina do Fogo (turned into the municipality in 2005) the MpD conquered the City Halls of Sao Filipe and Santa Catarina do Fogo.