Sao Filipe, March 20 (Inforpress) - The young man from Cha das Caldeiras Miguel Montrond addressed, on behalf of the displaced, an open letter to the Prime Minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva, requesting the fulfillment of the commitments made on March 29, 2016.

Miguel Montrond, who was a member of the  Inter-ministerial Commission for the displaced people of  Cha das Caldeiras, said in his letter that only the provisional cellar was fulfilled, emphasizing that the dialogue with population, accessibility and new settlement are "still just words on paper".

"The settlement was not implemented, income-generating activities that would help families start their lives never showed up, scholarships and grants promised to students did not show up", says Miguel Montrond's letter.

He added that the expansion of the rooms in the rehabilitated houses for the more numerous families also did not happen, as well as the mobilization of water for population and the road more accessible and for easier entrance and exit to crater there still no have study.

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